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Conversion Tables

Handy calculators for converting one unit of measure to another. Plug in the values for your variables for an instant answer.

Calculators are sometimes not supported in older browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Gallons to Liters

Gallons x Conversion Factor = Liters

Enter Gallons: Conversion Factor: 3.785

Liters =

Gallons to Ounces

Gallons x Conversion Factor = Ounces

Enter Gallons: Conversion Factor: 128

Ounces =

Gallons to Cubic Inches

Gallons x Conversion Factor = Cubic Inches

Enter Gallons: Conversion Factor: 231

Cubic Inches =

Gallons to Pounds

Gallons x Conversion Factor = Pounds

Enter Gallons: Conversion Factor: 8.3453

Pounds =

Liters to Inches

Liters x Conversion Factor = Inches

Enter Liters: Conversion Factor: 61.02

Inches =

Liters to Ounces

Liters x Conversion Factor = Ounces

Enter Liters: Conversion Factor: 33.82

Ounces =

Liters to Gallons

Liters x Conversion Factor = Gallons

Enter Liters: Conversion Factor: .2642

Gallons =

Liters to CM2

Liters x Conversion Factor = CM2

Enter Liters: Conversion Factor: 1000

CM2 =

ML(CC) to Ounces

ML(CC) x Conversion Factor = Ounces

Enter ML(CC): Conversion Factor: .0338

Ounces =

Grams to Ounces

Grams x Conversion Factor = Ounces

Enter Grams: Conversion Factor: .03527

Ounces =

PSI to Bar

PSI x Conversion Factor = Bar

Enter PSI: Conversion Factor: .0689

Bar =

Bar to PSI

Bar x Conversion Factor = PSI

Enter Bar: Conversion Factor: 14.5


Fractions to Decimals

Numerator/Denominator = Decimal

Enter Numerator: Enter Denominator: Decimal Equivilent =

Decimals to Fractions

A fraction is one whole number over another, Numerator/Denominator
A Decimal x Denominator = Numerator

Enter your Decimal: Enter the lowest possible Denominator that produces a whole number in the Numerator (below).
For fractions of an inch try 2, 4, 8, 16, 32.
Numerator/Denominator =